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Disposable Cup Dispenser Automatic Remover Wall Picker

Disposable Cup Dispenser Automatic Remover Wall Picker

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Simplify your cup dispensing process with our Disposable Cup Dispenser Automatic Remover Wall Picker. This innovative device is designed to streamline the retrieval of disposable cups, making it effortless to access cups for your convenience. Whether you're in a busy office, a coffee shop, or hosting an event, this wall-mounted picker ensures a hygienic and efficient cup dispensing experience.


NO HOLE PUNCHING: This cup picker is equipped with a patch, just tear off the protective film behind the patch, stick the patch on the wall or on the side of the water dispenser, and then snap the main body with the patch to install it, no need to drill holes in the wall.

ONE-PIECE CUP CLAW: Firmly grasp the edge of the cup to ensure that the cup is placed stably, and each time the cup will not take more than one, one at a time, very convenient, and will not cause waste.

LONG TUBE DESIGN: This cup picker is designed with a long tube, which can hold about 45 cups and is highly compatible, whether it is a single paper cup, double paper cups or plastic cups, it can be placed easily.

SEMI-TRANSPARENT WINDOW: You can clearly see the remaining capacity of the cups in the long tube, convenient to replenish.

DUSTPROOF COVER DESIGN: The top is set with a cover, effectively preventing dust from entering, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, and more peace of mind when using.


Type:Disposable Cup Dispenser Automatic Remover Wall Picker





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